Creative Rivers


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Every year at this time, I am struck by the fecundity of Earth; the robust richness that bursts forth from plump, golden mangoes and and sweet, creamy bananas hanging in giant clusters from wide-leafed tropical trees.   Summer’s moist heat melts away stress.  My soul is filled with hope and peace. The summer weeks of creative work swell inside me.  I am eager.  My creative river flows in a new direction.

Our home is thick with comfortable silence.  I am wrapped in peace.  This is my favorite time of year.   The days march in front of me into a two month eternity.  I begin to write, filling the days with words on pages.  My characters call for their stories to continue.

I begin my summer with kindness to myself, with honoring my body and my soul.  Gentle yoga, nourishing food, and the quotidian; I find confort in all.  Pen on paper, the journey begins.

Show Up


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“God is a purpose….My job is to show up and offer myself to people who are having a hard time.”

from Ann Lamott, Plan B:  Further Thoughts on Faith


hdr woman on pier pinterest

If my job is to show up and offer myself to people who are having a hard time, what will that look like for me?  Taking time for a visit with my neighbor woman who is old and lonely?  Listening to my husband talk about a struggle at his job?  Helping a child learn to read?  Sometimes offering yourself to someone is as simple as making eye contact or offering a smile. It is recognizing them, and their place in the world.   It might be sharing a poem, recipe, or face book post that speaks to them or inspires them.  It means appreciating who they are, and not focusing on the superficial.

I found myself looking at a picture on face book today of a woman who had rescued a baby turtle.  My initial observation, luckily only in my own head, was that she was not attractive, and her clothing was not flattering, but I caught myself and looked beyond the superficial.  The joy in her face shown, as she beamed at the baby turtle!  Her beautiful spirit came through.  I’m so glad I notice the real person, instead of getting caught up in my own negative thoughts about her  appearance.  Instead, I was able to focus on the wonderful deed she had done, and how happy she felt about it.  She showed up and offered herself to a creature who needed her.

We  must all work to look beyond the surface to see who is having a hard time so we can show up and offer ourselves to help them.  Showing up can be so important in life, and sometimes, even when you don’t really know what you can do for someone, simply showing up is enough.  This can be especially true when a family loses a loved one.  Showing up at their home or at the funeral shows you care.  When a child has a performance at school, or when your spouse is honored at work, show up and support their effort.

People may not remember what you said, but they will remember that you were there.

Morgandy Caye (August 2014)

Night Blooming Jasmine


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Daily Post:

My favorite nosey delight is the elusive scent of the night blooming jasmine that teases me on warm, tropical nights.

It is the inspiration for this poem:




God creates light and darkness

Blessings, a joyfulBurden of gratitude

Grace of God, sunrise

consecrates the horizon

forgives me my sins

Stellar beginning.

A soul well-cleansed tiptoes

Into yielding jasmine night

Epiphanies and Aha Moments


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My aha moment happened recently when I realized that what I want to do with my writing is to share with, and learn from, others along the creative path.    My pursuit of the creative spirit is a huge guiding force in my life.  It is the time when I feel the happiest, most inspired, and most at peace. This breakthrough in thinking is so exciting to me!  Previously, I was focused on getting people to read my book.  This seemed a daunting task, and I was failing at it.  I didn’t know how to make folks give my novel a try.  I do believe that my book is good, and that I am a skilled writer, but that did not translate into sales.  My huge shift in thinking made me understand that this is not about me and getting people to read my book, it is about me helping and connecting with others.  It is about a sharing between me and other people in the world who seek the creative path.  It is about supporting and encouraging my friends and followers as they explore their creative life.  My books are one expression of my creativity.  They symbolize my courage and dedication to my craft, and I feel tremendous satisfaction each time I complete and publish a book.  That’s what it is about, not whether other people like them.  If they do, then all the better.  I love to share my work.  But seeking the approval of others is not the point.


My epiphany is still new, and I continue to explore it.  I realize that I am combining two of my passions and skills:  teaching and creating!  I have worked as an elementary teacher for many years, and while I love the children and the school, and I’m good at what I do, I have always felt that it is not truly where I belong.  My soul longs for something different.  In the past, I was part of a team that taught creative writing retreats, and I loved that form of teaching and sharing.  I loved working with adults, and sharing the creative experience with them while at the same time learning from their experiences.  I’m so excited now to have a web page and a blog and social media pages to connect with other creative spirits;  to share with them and offer guidance and support to their creative pursuits.

I love the way creativity permeates everything, and how there are a million and one ways to practice being creative! Using my own creative ideas in ways such as cooking, fashion, home and garden design, writing, photography, art, and poetry bring constant fulfillment and joy to my life.  Through sharing with, and learning from, my friends and followers I want to bring the same feeling of optimism and delight to their lives that I have in mine.  Creativity is an instrument for sharing your insights, observations and perceptions through a variety of means.  It is trusting your instincts  to show you a new way.  It is seeing the world and making connections in new ways.  It is opening your eyes to love:  to the love of beauty, of the world, of other people and of yourself.  Creativity is love.

I invite you to walk with me as we  explore this magical path.  Let the journey begin!

Thoughts on Faith and Parenting


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“You want to protect your child from pain, and what you get instead is life and grace.”
From Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith by Ann Lamott

As parents, we all want to protect our children from pain. As soon as we learn we are expecting, we also realize that we have become hugely vulnerable; vulnerable in a way we didn’t even realize was possible. Until we become parents, we don’t understand why our parents worried so much about us. Now we understand. We realize that we would be instantly destroyed if anything were to happen to our precious child. The responsibility is huge and overwhelming. We research, we read, we child-proof our homes, we wake from terrifying dreams that something bad happened to our child and we couldn’t do anything about it. We all know what it is like.

We also know that most of the time those bad things don’t happen, and on the rare occasion that they do it’s because of a horrible accident or an unpreventable medical condition . It’s not because a parent did anything wrong, or because they didn’t plan or didn’t buy the right safety equipment. Bad things happen sometimes, even to good people who do everything right. Thank goodness bad things don’t happen very often, but if we are the one it happens to, one time is enough. This is where God comes in. This is where we do what we can, as humans, but then we must trust God to shoulder the worry. We must trust that God’s grace will guide and protect us and our children. It’s like a meme I’ve seen, the one where God says, “I will be doing the worrying today. I will not need your help. Live your life and leave the worry to me.” What a comforting thought, to leave your worries to God. I know it is easier said than done; that it sounds like a good idea in theory.

Prayerfully offering our worries to God takes dedication. Trusting God to shoulder them takes even more perseverance. The quotidian, the daily work, of opening our hearts and freeing our worries, is a practice of prayer and meditation. Easing our minds through moments of quieting thought brings relief from worry for many parents. Whether our child is an infant, teen or adult, the worry seems to go on. Managing it takes practice and the willingness to admit that we, as humans, can’t control everything. I have spent many hours, over many years, trying to make everything be the way I need it to be, the way I feel makes my children the safest, often to my own emotional detriment. Thinking that you are the person who must control everything to make life perfect is a huge job! Such a huge job in fact, that it can only be handled by a greater power, by God. Let God share the burden of your worry, and trust in God’s grace to protect you and your children. Let go and live your life. Let go and live each moment. Let go.

Walking Helps The Most


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“But what helped the most was walking.”

I’m Inspired by Ann Lammott, a writer whose words connect to my soul.  The above quote from her book Plan B:  Further Thoughts on Faith mirrors my own belief that “walking helps the most”.  Walking along the country roads near my Kansas farm, or along the beach near my Florida home, allows my thoughts to wander, the roots of my creativity to spread and deepen.  The sounds of nature, the solitude, the physical movement of walking, all conspire to blend my thoughts in unique ways.  My mind opens when the scent of salty, sea air, the rustle of prairie yucca, or the lilting bird songs float across the sky.  I’m filled with clarity and inspiration, my fingers dance with readiness to put words on paper.  Image

The Reality Is


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The reality is….

The responsibility to give that which we each have the greatest capacity for giving is our duty.  Whether our capacity for giving comes from financial wealth, a loving heart, a strong body, or a wellspring of spiritual guidance, our life’s trek must include frequent stops and detours that allow us to reach out to those whose needs exceed their resources;  to those for whom our strengths balance their limitations.  As humans, our challenge is to view our world through the reality of those whose need is greatest, whose capacity for giving is held captive by the circumstances of their lives.

For those of us who are blessed with a life that fulfills our needs, both physical and spiritual, our empowerment must give rise to our provisioning a haven of opportunity that allows the most fragile of those among us to grow in strength so that they too are empowered to give back, for in many ways, the greatest gift we can give is opportunity.